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Biological macromolecule material commercial to promote accelerated
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In recent years, the governments and related enterprises of the positive efforts of biological macromolecule material, great progress has been made to commercialize advance began to accelerate. Sources, however, more abundant renewable raw materials has become the key to the development of biological base material, how to transform the economic, cellulose and lignin effectively use, is a difficult problem in the field, also is the important direction. On October 16, 2014 held in ningbo international chemical new materials conference, ningbo materials and engineering research institute of the Chinese academy of sciences researcher Zhu Jin of biological materials development present situation, application practice, constraints and introduce attendees attention of potential business opportunities, etc.
Countries actively promote
According to Zhu Jin, the application of polymer materials has been penetrated into every aspect of human life. In 2013, the global plastic production more than 280 million tons, of which more than 60 million tons of production in our country, the consumption of more than 70 million tons. In the next few years, the world especially plastics production and consumption in emerging markets will continue to fast. However, nearly 99% of the polymer materials derived from petrochemical resources, and petrochemical resources are facing a growing crisis dries up, and the increasingly serious environmental problem. In such a background, the research and development of degradable biomaterials polymer materials to replace petroleum base polymer material has urgent practical significance.
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