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Healthy environmental protection biological base material you I him
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Main environmental problems in today's world: global climate change, ozone depletion and loss, acid rain pollution, land desertification, water resources crisis, forest vegetation destruction, biological diversity, Marine resource destruction and pollution, pollution of persistent organic pollutants.
President xi jinping on November 30, 2015 in Paris to attend the conference on climate change in Paris the opening ceremony and delivered a titled "hand in hand to build a win-win cooperation, fair and reasonable climate change governance mechanism, the important speech, stressed that all parties to show sincerity, confidence, a concerted effort to promote the establishment of a fair and effective global response to climate change mechanism, a higher level, the global sustainable development, build a win-win cooperation in international relations. Xi finally stressed that climate change is humanity's common cause, to: China will put the construction of ecological civilization as an important content "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", the implementation of innovation, coordination, the development of green, open, sharing ideas, through technological innovation and institutional innovation, optimize the industrial structure, build a low carbon energy system, developing green building and low-carbon traffic, establish the national carbon emissions trading market, and a series of policies and measures, forming the harmonious development of man and nature new pattern of modernization construction.