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How to become a new material mainstay bio-based materials?
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Should speed up technological progress and industrial development
Bio-based materials refers to the use of renewable raw materials through biological transformation of biological polymer or monomer, then further polymerization of polymer materials. Biological base material including biological base platform compounds, biological plastic, function of sugar products, wood and plastic composite material, etc., it has a traditional polymeric materials do not have green, environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials and biodegradable properties. Its products both in daily life often can see the articles for daily use, such as packaging materials, disposable daily necessities, including high technical content, high added value of drug controlled release materials and bone fixation materials and tissue repair materials and other biomedical materials.
Matrix composites have appeared in European and American countries, the industrialization of research and extension from the European and American countries also gradually spread all over the world. According to the world famous market research agency Freedonia the latest report published in 2014, 2018 American wood plastic composite market will reach $5.5 billion.